AXESS | ACS Server To Manage TR-069 Devices

AXESS 4 is here!

The Leading ACS Solution for Open Device Management

The Axiros AXESS ACS (Auto Configuration Server) is an industry flagship software application used around the world by premier telecommunications and broadband service providers. It allows state of the art management of customer premise equipment (CPE) with Broadband Forum-compliant CWMP (TR-069), User Service Platform (USP) (TR-369) and other open management protocols.

The new architecture of the device management platform reinforces the technological leadership of Axiros in the area. It will introduce massive benefits to the installed base but also open new opportunities and markets for the future.


New Features:

  • Asynchronous architecture for various southbound and northbound use cases

  • Support of cloud native approach by all components

  • New concept to manage project configuration and customisation

  • New user interfaces for all administrative tasks

  • Full USP support

Auto Configuration Server (ACS Server)

An Auto-Configuration Server (ACS) is a device that helps manage networked equipment automatically. The server does this by using the TR-069 protocol to communicate with the equipment. This protocol defines how the ACS should interact with devices and it includes support for remotely configuring, monitoring, and troubleshooting the equipment. The ACS is typically used by service providers to manage large numbers of networked devices, such as routers and modems. However, it can also be used by enterprises to manage their own networks. In either case, the ACS can help simplify network management by automating many of the tasks that would otherwise need to be done manually.

Axiros AXESS is a product-line designed for telcos and service providers to address automated service provisioning, service monitoring and service assurance. Axiros AXESS is the leading Auto Configuration Server (ACS) for all access technologies - from fiber, to xDSL, to satellite. It has TR-069, TR-369 and all other management protocols onboard - to manage residential and business CPEs and the entire E2E device chain.


Key Features of AXESS

TR-069 Server

A TR-069 server is a piece of software that provides remote management and monitoring capabilities for network devices. It is typically used by broadband service providers to manage customer premises equipment (CPE) such as routers and modems. The TR-069 server interacts with the CPE via the TR-069 protocol, which is an XML-based protocol that enables communication between the two devices. The TR-069 server can be used to configure, manage, and monitor the CPE remotely. In addition, the TR-069 server can also be used to provide diagnostics information and troubleshoot problems with the CPE. The TR-069 server is a powerful tool that can help broadband service providers to improve the quality of experience.


ACS CPE Management

Auto Configuration Server (ACS) is a centralized management platform that helps service providers manage and configure customer premise equipment (CPE). ACS provides a web-based interface that allows service providers to remotely configure and manage CPEs. ACS also provides a comprehensive set of tools for managing CPEs, including inventory management, firmware upgrade management, and security management. In addition, ACS offers a wide range of supporting services, such as training and support, to help service providers deploy and manage ACS.

ACS CPE Management is a valuable tool for service providers because it helps them reduce operational costs, improve customer satisfaction, and improve operational efficiency. By centrally managing CPEs, service providers can avoid the need to dispatch technicians to customer premises.

AXESS Features & Functionalities

  • Remote device management

  • Zero-touch provisioning

  • Short-time monitoring - troubleshooting device monitoring

  • Fully TR-069 compliant - and all subsequent standards

  • Customer self service portal support

  • Workflow engine, supporting inter-device management tasks

  • Intelligent firmware management

  • Security management

  • Multiple NBI protocols - extendable on request

  • Interoperability ensures that all TR-069 standard-compliant devices can be managed

  • Embedded permissions for Add, View, Change, Delete

  • Embedded email, syslog, XML-RPC, SOAP, JMS clients

  • Administrative front ends, fully customizable including language adaption with support of >100 languages

  • XML-RPC, XML and SOAP back end interfaces, server and client, synchronous and asynchronous

  • Security matrix (non-global role system)

  • Customizable authorization system

  • Schedulable mass operations

  • Workflow engine for setup of arbitrarily complex multi-step workflows, offering the following features:

    • Intra-CPE and inter-CPE workflows

    • Fully programmable

    • State handling

    • Transaction safety

    • Definable exception handling

    • Modular

  • Ships as standard Linux package, installed within minutes on each node

  • Solaris supported, with one major release offset

  • Application Server including Object Database and optimized primary SQL storage

  • Secondary SQL for consolidated custom data: Oracle 10/11, MySQL, PostgresSQL

  • CPE hierarchical grouping and virtual grouping for batch operations on arbitrary sets of CPEs

  • Grouping by any device, customer profile or service definition setting, in any combination

  • Any workflow triggerable for any group, active, passive or scheduled

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AXESS Product Line

AXESS ACS - Carrier Grade DM

Universal Device Management - Management Beyond TR-069

AXESS is the flagship product of Axiros, for management of CPEs with Broadband Forum-compliant CWMP (TR-069) stacks but also other open management protocols. It enables highly flexible and scalable interactions with a large number of devices for the purposes of (re-)configuration, mass firmware downloads, fault clearance and general real-time subscriber support.



TR-069 In The Cloud - As A Managed Service

Cloud Device Management For SPs. TR-069 Device Management As A Service. For Service Providers. PreConfigured. Multi-Vendor Devices. Multi-Instant Deploy. Out of the Cloud - as a Service.

AXESS CLOUD SP - our cloud borne TR-069 service offering. Allowing service providers (SPs) to securely deploy all kind of TR-069 enabled devices and things, without the cost and complexity of self hosting an ACS. Service providers can now automate complex processes like service activation while growing slowly into the related solution operation.


Works with:

  • AVM,

  • ZyXEL,

  • MikroTik and

  • all other broadband forum TR-069 compliant devices

Combine the benefits of SaaS with the leading Device Management platform:

  • Reduced Service Costs:

    • Having Axiros manage the IT infrastructure means lower IT costs for hardware, software, and less people needed to manage it all.

    • Eradicates initial costs — while delivered on a subscription basis, AXESS CLOUD eliminates the initial costs

    • Stop using, stop paying - terminate your contract when you no longer require the service.

  • Automated Provisioning: Internet, WiFi and Voice Line settings for DSL, LTE and FTTH devices

  • Firmware Management: Schedule, monitor and run your firmware upgrade campaigns across all your devices

Remote Support: Execute helpful operations like Reboot, Factory Reset or Reconfiguration

  • Connectivity Tests: Check Up- and Download bandwidth, run remote ping tests

  • Remote (Re-)Configuration: Provision WiFi, DHCP and other service parameter settings remotely

  • Near Real-Time Monitoring: Retrieve critical status information about your devices

  • APIs to integrate into your OSS/BSS

AXPAND - Legacy To TR-069

Non TR-069 to TR-069 Proxy Server: Integrate Your Legacy Devices Into The Managed Set! 

AXPAND - Non TR-069 to TR-069 Conversion Server (CWMP Proxy): AXPAND transforms CWMP remote procedure calls and parameters into proprietary command flows and runs them on connected devices via non TR-069 protocols in a highly scalable way.

AXPAND allows for shortest adaptation times to new devices in a few days.

As a high-performing, scalable converter module, it adjusts Non-TR-069 (but WAN-management enabled devices), so that they can be addressed from the backend or the administrative GUIs like normal TR-069 enabled devices. 



AXPAND mode of operation: A proxy that can be plugged into existing ACS infrastructures to deliver access to non TR-069 devices regarding features and state.

  • TR-069 client to wrap proprietary results into real TR-069

  • Asynchronous southbound handling for maximum scalability of main application server

  • 200K TELNET enabled CPEs per server node

  • Hides proprietary characteristics of devices to OSS/BSS

  • Connection request wrapper

  • TR-069 handler to generate pseudo TR-069 Informs from SNMP, TFTP, RADIUS or SNTP uplink hits from CPE

  • Any device-specific feature mappable to pseudo CWMP parameters

  • Generates TR-069 response RPCs when have run non TR-069 commands have run on CPEs

  • Clusterable, node synchronization via AXESS CM (Cluster Manager)

AX INTEROP - TR-069 Interoperability Testing

Broadband Forum BBF.069 CPE Interoperability Testing

AX INTEROP is the Axiros test platform that supports the Broadband Forum BBF.069 CPE Certification program. AX INTEROP is a truly versatile and ACS agnostic scriptable ACS simulator to test device implementations of the Broadband Forum‘s popular TR-069 CPE WAN Management Protocol (CWMP).

Whether you are an operator, device manufacturer or a chipset vendor, AX INTEROP can help ensure that your devices - gateways, routers or all kind of end devices such as STBs or VoIP endpoints - communicate and correctly manage their data models and are ready for BBF.069 CPE Certification. For more information on the BBF program please see:



  • Comprehensive Test Console Overview

  • Sample Test Execution

  • CWMP Protocol Message Dump

  • CWMP Dump Analysis. Message schema validation

  • Trace log @ ACS Level

  • Test Report Generation

  • Data Model Report

  • Interaction analysis example: “missing parameters sub-window”

  • Out of the box PD-128 Support. List of available test steps

  • Sample test script: Reboot RPC, a script with multiple CWMP interactions

  • Data Model validation

  • Scheduled step execution: single device and group of devices

  • Use of NBI to automatically trigger Firmware Update and Test Execution

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