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QoE Monitoring

Monitoring And Management Of Customer QoE For Data And VoIP Services

Telco & Service provider service offerings are extremely competitive and hotly contested. The leading SPs worldwide do understand that providing a robust and high quality service is key success factor #1. A high degree of service & support automation and consistent E2E QoE monitoring are the two building blocks for all those disciplines beyond - proactive service management, predictive network maintenance and zero-touch re-provisioning.

AXTRACT is a Quality of Experience (QoE) monitoring solution which is the process of assessing the overall quality of a customer's experience with a brand or service. It involves collecting and analyzing data on various factors that can impact customer satisfaction, such as wait times, response times, unsuccessful attempts, error rates, and more. 

QoE monitoring can help telco brands and ISP providers identify areas where customers are having a poor experience and make necessary changes to improve the quality of their service. In today's competitive market, providing an excellent customer experience is essential for success. QoE monitoring can play a vital role in helping telcos and ISPs meet this goal.


Key Features of AXTRACT

  • QoE Monitoring for any device

  • For DOCSIS LTE & DSL networks

  • Quality and traffic data aggregation & analysis

DSL Quality of Experience

DSL quality of experience, or QoE, is a measure of how satisfied users are with their DSL connection. It takes into account factors such as Jitter, Latency, and Packet Loss, as well as the user's perceived speed and reliability. DSL QoE is important for both telco brands and ISP providers because it can help them to identify and resolve problems with their service. It can also help them to understand how their service compares to other providers in the market. By monitoring DSL QoE, telco brands and ISP providers can ensure that their customers are satisfied with their service and that they are providing a high-quality product.

AXTRACT Features & Functionalities

  • No additional 3rd party software cost

  • Flexible collection mechanism (based on GPV)

  • ACS independent

  • Flexible OSS/BSS integration mechanism for Metadata Injection (push and pull)

  • Ability to export collected data in different formats

  • Alerting framework for Proactive Support and Alarming

  • Storage Optimization (RRD usage, short notation for parameters, etc.)

  • Fully compliant with diagnostic extensions like TR-143 and TR-157, to transform a device into a real active probe

    • Fully Multi-protocol Collectors (available for TR-069, telnet, ssh, http, snmp, etc.)

    • Powerful Post Processing Tool (raw data and aggregation)

    • High Level of Scalability (design patterns to really scale)

    • High Performance (thousands of inform messages/sec/server)

    • Ability to give different priorities to collected data

    • Runs on low-cost hardware, with reduced hardware requirements

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AXTRACT Product Line

AXTRACT | Carrier Grade QoE Monitoring

Quality Of Experience - Collect, Monitor, Diagnose And Analyze Your Customer´s Experience!

AXTRACT is a high-performing, fully transparent monitoring solution designed to gather high volume diagnostic load without the need to pass it through a productive 3rd party ACS.

As IP services become increasingly complex and pervasive, it is imperative for operators to be able to effectively measure and understand the Quality of Service and Quality of Experience associated with IP service delivery.

AXTRACT can significantly support troubleshooting processes by supplying a historical view and analysis of service quality, including changes of service-related parameters - ranging from user-selected device groups or categories to a single device.

AXTRACT additionally delivers near-real time information about service quality when other devices in the service delivery chain (e.g. RGW and STB) register an error.

AXTRACT DSL | DSL Quality Monitoring

The DSL bundle provides a pre-configured environment for monitoring and diagnostics of DSL gateway devices (ADSL and VDSL).

Single CPE backend features

  • Daily aggregation on common mobile network KPIs:

    • Various DSL line related errors (notably CRC errors and Link Retrain errors)

    • Downstream and Upstream Speed

    • Downstream and Upstream Noise Margin

    • Downstream and upstream Attenuation

  • Cumulative historical traffic statistics on a daily and monthly basis

  • Time series charts for collected KPIs

  • Daily aggregation on common DSL KPIs

Group based features

  • Grouping by Access Type and Bandwidth

  • Time- and event scheduled grouping

  • Average value of all latest KPI values, relevant for the current network technology over all CPEs in each group

  • Pie chart for latest access Type and Bandwidth distribution in percentage

  • Time series chart for historic Access Type and Bandwidth in absolute units

  • Time series chart for average Downstream Noise Margin and Attenuation by group


E2E DOCSIS QoE Monitoring. Programm, Collect, Monitor, Diagnose And Analyze your customer´s DOCSIS experience!

AXTRACT PNM | Proactive Network Maintenance

Proactive Network Management (PNM) enables cable operators to monitor and report conditions in the network. PNM detects, identifies, and quantifies impacts to the network, such as cable faults and ingress noise. It effectively and proactively identifies plant and subscriber home impairments and sweeps all layers of subscriber’s connection infrastructure, in search of events or problems that may be generating service degradation

  • Identify impairments before impairments impact the customer

  • Locate upstream and downstream impairments

  • Measure upstream frequency response

  • Use your cable modem as a powerful test probe and troubleshooting device

Data collection of PreEQ coefficients from Cable Modems, correlated with infrastructure data

Used to calculate:

  • MTC: Main tap compression

  • NMTER: Non-main tap to total energy ratio

  • PreMTTER: Pre-main tap to total energy ratio

  • PostMTTER: Post-main tap to total energy ratio

  • TDR: Time domain reflectometer

  • Return path

  • Frequency Domain

Full Band Capture (Downstream Spectrum Analysis)

  • Obtained from Modem’s Full Band Capture (FBC) functionality.

  • Allows to recognize and alarm field problems.

Upstream Spectrum Analysis

  • Obtained from CMTS

  • Continuous check over noise floor level in each interface to detect when the maximum threshold is being exceeded

AXTRACT LTE | LTE QoE Monitoring

The AXTRACT LTE bundle provides a pre-configured environment for monitoring and diagnostics of gateway devices with a mobile uplink (2G, 3G or 4G). There is specific support to detect if radio signal quality of such stationary devices suddenly falls.

Single CPE backend features

  • Daily aggregation on common mobile network KPIs

  • Average and worst values for current and previous day on:

    • RSSI

    • RSRP (4G)

    • RSRQ (4G)

    • SINR (4G)

    • RSCP (3G)

    • ECIO (3G)

  • Network change detection

  • Daily Single-CPE KPI baseline calculation with historical retention

  • Sample deterioration assessment based on configurable per-KPI standard deviation multipliers

  • Cumulative historical traffic statistics

  • Time series charts for collected KPIs

  • Network change history table and deterioration statistics histogram

Group based features

  • Grouping by network technology generation (2G, 3G, or 4G) and also by Cell ID

  • Time- and event scheduled grouping job

  • Average value of all latest KPI values relevant for the current network

  • Grouping by underlying network technology as pie and/or time series charts

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